Presentation - Kalle Westberg
Kalle Westberg
  • Predator fishing: Perch and pike
I started fishing in early years and some of my strongest memories is with my grandfathers, standing at a pier or fishing a small lake depending on which one of them took me out. For me fishing is something I need to function as a human being. Being out on the water is like therapy and makes you forget all the “must do’s” and it’s these moments I appreciate the most with fishing.

Predator fishing is what I do and that’s what I’ve been fishing for most of my life but if I need to choose one species to fish for it’s definitely perch and that’s what I do best. I fish a couple of different techniques depend on what season it is. During winter and when it’s cold in the water I like to fish really slow with for example a Tournament D’Fin shad on a Carolina rig. In summertime my two favorite techniques is to fish a jerkbait, like the Prorex Minnow SR 120, or since it’s often a lot of vegetation in the water I fish a texas rigged DuckFin shad with a lot of movement.

I drive a bass boat and I really like to use my sonars a lot. I use the side scan a lot to concentrate on finding bait fish and structure. This is something that helped me a lot when I fish for perch but also pike and is something I recommend to everyone to use because it can be a life saver.

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