Presentation - Kristian Keskitalo
Kristian Keskitalo
  • Predator fishing: pike and perch
  • Vertical fishing: char
  • Sea fishing: halibut
I have been fishing as long as I can remember and that means more than 45 years. I have been guiding since 1999 and also running 2 fishing camps in Norway for high class Sea Angling. Nowadays you can find me hunting big specimens of pike and perch by casting but I also do trips to Norway and then I’m targeting giant Atlantic halibut.

I do not compete very often but my record is pretty good. I have won 1/3 of the tournaments I have visited. Most memorable was 3 consecutive victories at lake Mälaren in a big fish pike competition with 2 pikes over 10 kg in every of those victories.

My favorite set up for pike is the Prorex AGS 8’3’’ up to 180g rod with a Zillion HD 1520 reel. Lure side Prorex Lazy Jerk is my absolute favorite. During the season 2018 I caught more than 10 pikes over 10 kg with them!