Presentation - Atle Hoidalen
Atle Hoidalen
  • Deep Seafishing
  • Predator fishing: pike, perch, zander
  • Seafishing: seatrout, seabass
My name is Atle Høidalen and I am a new team member of Daiwa Scandinavia. I’m 42 years old, live in Drammen in Norway together with my wife and three children. I’m also member of Team Krokodille, a Norwegian sports fishing team and blog where we write about everything from boating, marine electronics and sportsfishing.

I started fishing when I was just a small boy, fishing for trout in the river by the farm I grew up on. Back then, a wooden rod with a line attached to the and with a simple hook and an earthworm was all I needed. I used the long wooden rod to present the bait upstream and let it flow downstram. I can still remember the excitement waiting for the trout to take the bait! Nowadays, the focus on fishing equipment is massive and the variety of fishing techniques and fishing gear is growing more and more. For me the journey from a small boy fishing by the local river to where I am today has been full of trial and error. I am a big fan of the phrase “learning by doing” and love to try out new stuff. Sometimes I succeed, other times I fail. Either way, I have learned something new and gained experience.

Nowadays, I consider myself to be an allround fisher. My freshwater fishing focuses on mainly pike and trout, but I also fish for perch and zander from time to time. Living near to the Oslofjord, it is also natural to fish for seatrout and seabass. For these species I do both spinfishing and trolling, I find trolling to be a very effective way to get to know where the fish stays in new waters, then later I often visit these spots for spin fishing. My main focus this year though, will probably be deep sea fishing for the large saltwater predators. Fishing around the Oslofjord is not what it used to be, but if you travel offshore to the good spots, you can still catch big fish if you are lucky!

I’m not a big believer of chasing record fish. Don’t get me wrong, catching big fish is awesome, but I try to focus on the whole experience. Going to new spots, using my marine electronics to find fish and structures, trying out new fishing gear from Daiwa. Not to forget the trip itself. Being outdoors, enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery. Simply having quality time on the water, either you are alone, together with fishing buddies or with your family. I’m looking forward to be a part of Team Daiwa Scandinavia and to share my knowledge and fishing experiences with you!

Tight Lines!
Atle Høidalen