Rod Technology
Daiwa's exclusive Graphite Construction (SUPER HIGH VOLUME FIBER) combines precise resin control with unidirectional Graphite fiber to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. The blanks are extremely lightweight, powerful and sensitive. Nanoplus: Resin material first is enriched with a nanoalloy compound and then is used for connecting the single carbon fibers, thus enabling the design of very lightweight and robust blanks.
Daiwa's exclusive Graphite Construction (SUPER HIGH VOLUME FIBER) combines precise resin control with unidirectional Graphite fiber to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. The blanks are extremely lightweight, powerful and sensitive.
In contrast to normal carbon fiber rods with high resin content in the space between the carbon fibers DAIWA HVF (High Volume Fiber) rods are made of a carbon fiber compound with less resin, called HVF. Since resin has a high weight, rods made of HVF are more condensed, more light weight and feature a faster action. Nanoplus: Resin material first is enriched with a nanoalloy compound and then is used for connecting the single carbon fibers, thus enabling the design of very lightweight and robust blanks.
The Air Guide System delivers amazing lightness and heightened sensitivity. The sensitivity is due to the stiffness of their innovative carbon frame which brings an improvement of rod control, performance and distance. AGS is also lighter by up to 40% compared to conventional guide systems. Carbon has around three times the rigidity of titanium and a high sensitivity that conveys feel into the blank without absorbing small signals travelling through the line.
In contrast to conventional carbon fibres, Daiwa has developed a 3-dimensional carbon fibre material. 3DX is interwoven carbon tow which is incorporated into a normal blank during construction, adding an external skeleton of torque resistance and heightened buckling strength. The result is a stiffer, faster more efficient blank performance
On every rod the joint is an area of potential stiffness, interrupting the smooth shape of a rods curve. By applying bias carbon and V-Joint; turning the fibre direction into a diagonal position, our designers have delivered to the perfect balance between flex and strength.
By reducing the amount of resin further than HVF our ‘Super Volume Fibre’ has an ultra-high density of carbon and very low level of resin. This achieves lightness and power but with flex in a slimmer blank.
‘High Volume Fibre’ combines lowered volumes of resin to reduce weight with an increased amount of carbon to deliver more strength.
Reel Technology
Oversized carbon drag washers allow for maximum fish stopping power.
SV SPOOL is made of Super Duralumin which is lighter but has great strength. SV SPOOL with Air Brake System helps cast lightweight lures with ease to give you a longer cast with no backlash.
This design incorporates a one-piece frame and a one-piece threaded side plate. Because screws are not necessary to attach the side plate and hold the main gear, the interior space in the body is greater allowing for a larger more powerful gear held in place by the lighter, sturdier body rather than the traditional side plate
As you start a cast and the spool approaches maximum speed, the spool's rotor cup is kicked out towards from the magnets, creating a buttery smooth braking pressure preventing overrun. As the spool begins to slow nearing the end of the cast, the rotor cup automatically retracts from the magnets – keeping the spool spinning longer- maximizing casting distance.
Machined, digitally developed gearing for maximum performance and endurance. Embeded in our lightweight reel body, it transmits smoothly and efficiently the power of the handle directly to the rotor. Like this you can concentrate on fishing completely. Our DAIWA engineers completely perfected the technology of milled gears with the Digigear II and newest with the Tough Digigear (TDG). The shape and surface of the gear teeth enable the construction of gears with extraordinary smooth running, smallest resistance and extremely long lifespan. Result - A real evolution for the strength ot the Digigear!
CRBB Ball Bearings
Shielded for extra protection. Unlike ordinary "corrosion resistant" bearings with un unprotected open race, DAIWA's CRBB ball bearings are shielded to seal out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives for even longer life. CRBB ball bearings feature an 12 times higher corrosion resistance than usual ball bearings.
Air Rotor
Air Rotor is a design triumph, where weight is reduced, rotary balance is even and stress distribution is even. The enormous strains, which affect the rotor via the line and the line roller are better distributed. This causes less pressure on the single parts of the rotor. The Air Rotor is 15% lighter than usual rotors of the same material - this reduces vibrations and enhances the rotational balance thanks to the near symmetrical shape and very low centre of gravity. Under the same strain, a conventional rotor can become much more distorted, due to concentrated pressure point. Air Rotor distributes the stress.
The Mag Sealed principle is based on special magnetic oil, which has been developed by the NASA to transport fuel to the space ships based on the magnetic principle. Such oil for reel production is not available in the market. It has to be manufactured under most difficult circumstances. The embedded ferric oxide, which is necessary for the magnetic field, has a diameter of 1/100.000mm. The molecules in this new "metal oil" are capable of changing. If they are exposed to a magnetic field, they change their shape and the oil forms a fluid seal. Such a seal, based on the principle of liquid magnetic oil produces nearly no friction, isolates perfectly and prevents even penetration of dust particles. The big challenge for the DAIWA engineers was the development of a reel, which is designed for the principle of the magnetic oil to generate a kind of liquid membrane that prevents water penetration. The Mag Sealed design is based on the purpose to keep water away from a spinning reel. First of all for sea anglers this is an amazing idea - since delivers a longer life span; no corrosion and better, pro longed function. If salt water penetrates the reel and dries, it crystallizes, corrodes the gearing and affects the ball bearings. Mag Sealed halts the travel of salt particles.
DAIWA's innovative bail design features a hollow, tubular stainless steel bail for maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Due to the smooth, protrusion-free design of the Air Bail, even loose line, common after a cast slides easily down the bail onto the line roller as the reel is turned, without snagging or hanging up.
The TWS T-Wing System solves an age old problem with level wind systems. The normal change of angle of from spool to line guide retards line release and slows the casting momentum of the lure. With TWS, when engaged for casting, the line guide drops to expose the "T" aperture of T-Wing. This allows line to flow freely through the wide top section on outcast, reducing the normally sharp angles and resulting friction that slow line flowing through a standard narrow aperture. For retrieve, the line guide, now in the original position, controls the line drops via the narrow, lower channel of the T-Wing. This delivers even distribution across the spool width.
The biggest issue with many drag systems is that they are not smooth at the beginning of the drag. ATD is fine tuned to react more quickly, the instant line release is required. This smoother start up eliminates the ‘snatch’ that previously occurred when tension inertia was overcome. ATD also implements structural changes to the spool metal of the reel that provides greater support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft. This additional support reduces spool twist under load, promotes more even pressure on the drag washers and ultimately reduces "pulsing" of the drag when fighting the fish.
Twist Buster
DAIWA´s original advanced technology designed to reduce line twist. An essential reason for line twist has been eliminated with this smart idea. The newest Twist Buster II line roller not only minimises line twist, but also reduces further friction between the line and the roller
“LT” is DAIWA’s new spinning-reel concept. That means LIGHT and TOUGH. Introducing ‘minimalist engineering’ in Daiwa spinning reels. LT Technology introduces new, reduced reel dimensions but makes them stronger than ever. Compact body design yet with tougher Digigear drive for the perfect combination of lightness and toughness. Pick one up and feel it for yourself. Daiwa engineers set out to eliminate unnecessary weight without sacrificing strength and keeping the same line capacity. A redesigned, smaller profile throughout with a tougher Digigear makes LT our lightest and toughest reels yet. Current model comparison Ballistic LT 2500D: 180g Ballistic EX2500: 245g