Presentation - Gorm Andersen
Gorm Andersen
  • Sea fishing: Seatrout
  • River fishing: Salmon and brown trout
Hi, my name is Gorm. I live in Denmark and I’m a father to a beautiful angel️. I have always loved fishing. As a child my dad take me always out for fishing and that was enough, I was sold for fishing. When I grew older fishing meant a lot more to me than ever before, it was my escape room, meditation and a lifestyle. For me fishing means everything, all the little things about it and the adventure, it is just pure happiness to me.

I love to get knowledge about the fish that I am targeting for. This drives me forward. All the big questions need to be solved: Why the fish are behaving like they do? Their lifecycle? Hunting instincts, etc? Sometimes this gives me a advantage and I find myself one step a head of the fish, sometimes not.

My deepest passion is definitely chasing big salmon on the fly rod, and brown trout on light set up and dry flies. The sea trout is my all year target here in Denmark. For sea trout I use both spin and fly rod. I love to spend time at the coast chasing sea trout when it’s windy and the conditions are rough, that is when I feel alive. My favorite coastal spin setup is Shogun rod with Exist LT reels. This setup is just a workhorse in any conditions. The durability is a key factor for me as I love to seek my limits in rough weather chasing big sea trout in different locations. This set fulfil your highest expectations.