Presentation - Jorgen Harreby
Jorgen Harreby
  • Sea fishing: Salmon trolling, seatrout, cod, flatfish
  • Predator fishing: perch and pike
Hi I'm Jorgen from Team Daiwa Denmark - Nearly 50 years old and has been fishing for more than 40 of those. I have always been the curious kind of fisherman, that has enjoyed catching many different species, more than just a few favourites. This has left me with a very broad knowledge of fishing rather than being a specialist on a few. With that said, my fishing year shows that maybe I like fishing for some species a bit more than others, depending on the time of year.

A fishing year for me would go something like salmon trolling in winter and early spring, coastal fishing for seatrout in spring, cod jigging in early summer, general sea fishing for flounders, plaice, turbots, etc. towards the end of summer and ending the year with perch, pike and seatrout. Every fall I usually participate in 1 or 2 salt water boat fishing competitions, and we have generally done quite well with a national championship, several competition 1st's and many top 3 positions. Here my broad knowledge really has helped me a lot.

I have many favourites when it comes to my fishing gear, but I often end up fishing with gear that is both versatile and of good quality. For seafishing the Super Kenzaki series has been my prefered rods for many years. The range covers light fishing for cod and flounders to heavy fishing for halibut. However lately I have switched a few of them with the Tournament series, that has kind of the same action, but a bit nicer components. On the coast the Tournament AGS rods are just fantastic for my taste, and paired with a Certate reel you really don't get much that is better.