Presentation - Ari Paataja
Ari Paataja
  • Predator fishing: Pike, perch, zander
  • Seafishing: Seatrout
  • Ice fishing: Perch
  • Competition angler
"Hi, my name is Ari Paataja, 58 ,...and once I ordered some instructions how-to-carve-a-fish of wood from one US company, I got an answer "Oh, you are one of us all nuts!" So I'm a fishing grazy in a positive way - I hope!

Last 25 year I've been working as fishing guide and my company name is Apajamatkat ( First document when I have a fishing rod in my hand is when I was 4. Since then I have been fishing all possible methods. I do ice fishing, spinning, jigging, baitcasting, popping and bait fishing. In the past I did a lot match fishing and took part in many World Championships. Best result was 8th place from Romania. I did as well lot of trolling in the past and won with my partner Finnish Gulf Championship, but nowadays there seems to be time for trolling only when salmon fishing is hot in the Finnish Gulf.

I love fly fishing both salt & fresh, and specially I like fishing with Spey rod which has so many new casting variations nowadays. When it comes to lure fishing, seatrout, zander, perch and pike are my favourites. Partly because of my match fishing background, I'm used to fish with light tackle which means size 1000-2000 spinning reels and 100 baitcasters.

Match-, ice- and trolling competitions are fun, but nowadays predator fishing competitions have my attention. 2015 I won with Ville-Matti Blomqvist the first World Predator Classic (WPC) qualifying competition in Finland and since then I've been 3 times in WPC European Competition in the Netherlands.