Presentation - Martin Rees
Martin Rees
  • Predator fishing: Perch and pike
My name is Martin Rees and I am a Team Angler of Daiwa in scandinavia. I’ve been fishing whole my life. First memory was from when I was 4 years old and were fishing herring from a pier. I don’t really have a role model in fishing who taught me the basics, I’ve always tried to do it myself with both failure and great success.

Growing up I were either jig fishing for perch, spin fishing / angling with roach for pike or using my fly rod & reel to catch some brown trout in the small lakes and creeks. When internet hit the market in the 90s my fishing started to take pace and get more advanced, internet got flooded with information regarding different techniques from different countries and for different species. I remember I tried different jigging teqniques for perch. Most of them failed but still, I tried and if you try and try you will eventually succed. After many years chasing perch the jerkbait fishing for pike hit the market and for several years after this I were fishing pike.

Today I still watch internet for information, especially from the states where they are ahead in so many ways with both the bass fishing as well as pike and musky fishing. You basically try to see the details from different type of fishing teqniques and think if you can implement them into your own fishing.

My favourite fish to hunt are for sure the perch, this because a big perch is a really tricky fish to catch and sometimes you need to work really hard to get the perch to bite with different type of techniques. I enjoy fishing with my friends but my favourite fishing is when I have set my mind into something and after that I can go for days just thinking about this and going out with my boat fishing for myself to catch just THAT fish.

I have alot of different rods and reels but there are some favourites. For perch fishing the Tatula TAT6102MB is my favourite rod, a 6’10" rod cw 3-25g. A lot of backbone in the blank and still a very soft fiberglas type of top. It has a very short back handle which makes it perfect for flippin, pitchin and make these really quick cast when you search alot of water with a spinnerbait and a crankbait.

And there are 2 reels that are exceptional according to me. First the Prorex PE SV TW 100 with the T-Wing system. It’s a "cheap" reel that feels like a high end real. You can cast some really light weight baits thansk to the SV spool and you cast quite some distance thanks to the TWS. It’s just a really solid reel! Last is the Steez CT SV of course. A high end reel with top components designed and created by the best japanese engineering.

For the pike my goto setup is easy, the Prorex AGS 8’3" 180g with a TATULA TWS 300. So much backbone on the blank, quite sensitive even tho its a 180g rod..

Daiwa got a wide section of lures but there are some that I fish more than others. For perchfishing I fish alot with the Prorex spinnerbaits in 7 and 10g and also the brand new ProreX Toddler crank!

Right now my personal best on perch are 2.08kg - 52cm and pike at 12,55kg and 120cm. Can’t say when but a future goal is to catch a zander at 6,5kg or more and above 90cm. And I have a wish to catch this zander with traditional spinnfishing methods sutch as jig or crankbait.