Sommargäddan 2020

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Sommargäddan is a team competition where anglers all over Sweden can measure up against each other. The concept is simple. Fish where ever you want in Sweden, catch pike - measure - take picture - upload picture.

Longest pike of the season 2019 - 130cm, Jimmy Eriksson
2nd longest pike of the season 2019 - 129cm, Mattias Åström
You register to the competition as a team. 1-3 persons. Its the five longest pikes (THE BIG 5) that decides your placement in the competition. Catch pike - measure - take picture - upload to where you also can follow the score live all during the competition. You upload the pikes you catch the same day you catch them.

  1. Take a picture of the pike against a the competition official measuring device
  2. Take a picture of you holding the pike
  3. Upload both pictures to
  4. The pikes is reported in full cm meaning that 100.9cm is 100cm.
  5. A pike can only be registered one time / team during qualify no re catches is allowed.

It is the five longest pikes that counts in the qualification run from 6/6 - 23/8. Sweden is divided into 5 zones and you compete in the zone where the captain of the team is written, top three from each zone reach the final. The prestigious final will take place 5-6 / 9 - 2020

Who is going to the final? You can follow the score live here from 6/6 08.00

2020 is the 6th year in a row when this competition is organised and this it reach new paticipation record - 598 teams!!!
Daiwa is proud main sponsor of this event.