OCTOBER, Cold water fishing for Perch
Where do I even begin? When fishing for perch in the autumn you never know what to expect because when you hit the spots it is really challenging but fun!

It usually is a beginning of a long season when you look for perch. I often search for the perch very close to the baitfish, shallow areas with hard bottom and a lot of grass. Often when i search for those big perches they often stands deep in the grass on the shallow spot close to deep water.

Now to the techniques! As I mentioned earlier you never know what to expect so that means that you need to use a lot of different techniques, baits and so on. When the autumn is about to come we all know that you can't trust the weather.
I usually start with a traditional jigging technique with a ”Daiwa d´fin” in 4 inch and always begin to fish a little bit faster just to see if the perch is active. This jig is so flexible because you can move it really fast but the material in this jig is so soft so if you discover that the perch is a little bit tricky you can slow down and fish the bait really slow! You can also fish it with a offset hook when you want to fish your bait a little bit slower or in the grass. You can also get hands on amazing colours to suit every situation.
If I could decide, my second choice would be a crankbait! I often hear that people is scared to fish crankbait when the water is cold, but they shouldn't be! Instead, use a ”Toddler crank” from the Prorex series. This is a crankbait with low rassel and goes down to 1 meter to 2 meter depending on how you fish it. I always fish it like a jerkbait small twitches and long breaks. It's in the break the fish often takes, you can fish it fast and really slow and that is what makes a bait the perfect bait according to me! You can also find lots of cool colours!
My third and last choice is a “Prorex bladed jig” together with a duckfinshad or a D´fin 10 cm as a trailer. Why i would choose this one is when I find the perch striking really hard or if I want a more aggressive presentation. I often fish this very aggressive with long pauses. And with the squirts and the blade this bait gets a really nice wobbling action. This is a bait that you can fish really deep in the grass because the blade cuts can cut thru the grass! So if you notice that the perch stands in the gras this could be a game changer sometimes!

Br, Jonathan Sjölin / Team Angler, Team Daiwa Scandinavia