Anders Krus with massive pike
Cartoon Pike
Green Flash
Cartoon pike:
An old truth is that pike eats pike. Cartoon pike immitates a smaller pike and this often gets the old ladies angry... one of the must to have colours that often saves the day. // Kristian Keskitalo

Green Flash:
Perfect in clear waters and sunny conditions. The Green flash immitates almost every pelagic baitfish and teases pikes to hard strikes. Test it with a Quick retrieve and ultra short stops. // Kristian Keskitalo

Magic Green
Magic Orange
Magic Green:
A classic pike color, but here with extra intensity. A favorite during cold water fishing in murky waters. Use a slow jerk and long stops. A color that generates low-speed reaction strikes! // Anders Krus

Magic Orange:
"The autumn special"! With It's orange colour one of the favourites when the water starts to get colder in the autumn. The goldish belly gives nice flash in the low autumn sun. Works best in shallower bays with more coloured water. // Kristian Keskitalo

Magic Red
Motor Oil Burbot
Magic Red
The red color imitates the color of the gills and is always a trigger for predators. Many consider red to be a color for cloudy conditions, but with the glitter blended in, it is worth a try also in sunshine! // Anders Krus

Motor Oil Burbot
Available around October! A classic pike color with brownish finishing. Every day lure which collect lot of hits as well the big ones. Glitter gives nIce flash in a sunny day. // Anders Krus

Olive Roach
Steel Grey
Olive Roach:
Pikes a feeding from roach in almost all water types. This color picks the shades from the roach and exaggerate them. A favorite when fishing in shallow bays with much weed. // Anders Krus

Steel Grey:
The most perfect colour in cloudy weather. The colour almost looks violet in the water and the silver side painting gives a smooth flash while retreiving. During test fishing it already has proven effective for Big pike with a massive tank of 121 cm! // Kristian Keskitalo

Kristian Keskitalo
Steel Grey in a trouble