3 of the Daiwa pro anglers competed in the world’s most prestigious tournament, the "Bassmaster Classic”

Media Day

On Media Day, media gathered from all over the world, highly interested in the world's largest bass fishing event. From the Daiwa pro team, 3 anglers, varying from young to veteran, competed in the event- Randy Howell, the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion; Brent Ehrler, who finished in 3rd place at last years event; and Seth Feider, who qualified this year for his very first Bassmaster Classic. Media gathered around the experienced anglers as well as the emerging ones. The motivation of each angler is on display as the tension builds in anticipation of the battle starting the next day.

Day 1

The anglers were concerned about the dispersion of fish due to the higher-than-usual water level. It was quite hard to narrow down the location of the fish, and it was expected to be a tough tournament. It seemed to play a hand in the day 1 results of the Daiwa pros, with the highest standing of the 3 being Brent Ehrler. He was able to get a good start in 4th place. Seth Feider was positioned in 29th place, and Randy Howell was in 42nd place. Nevertheless, the veteran angler had the perseverance to fight another day, saying “We still have tomorrow. Tomorrow.” The game has only just begun.

Day 2

Based on the results of this fateful second day, the field will be narrowed down to 25 people, which is about half of the competitors, and those 25 advance to the final day. Brent Ehrler and Seth Feider steadily increased the weight in the tough conditions with rain starting early in the morning. They were positioned in the top 25 and advanced to the final day. Randy Howell, unfortunately, missed the cut with the 26th place finish, but he surely performed well in the competition.

Last day

Brent, sitting in the 9th place on the previous day made a big leap. He was catching them good while on the live stream, and moved up to 3rd place unofficially. He continued to catch the numbers and improve the size. Brent's excitement increased, and the viewers could not take their eyes off of him. Official “Weigh-in” begun with the tension high on stage. Although Brent got the chance to the top six angler "Super 6" on the second day, he couldn’t make it all the way to the top, but still finished in a very impressive second place. Seth Feider, who qualified for the first time, showed success in winning the Big Bass Award on final day of the event and finished in 18th place. The next battle has already started. I’m looking forward to next year's Bassmaster Classic.

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