DAIWA's water resistance and durability technology, MAGSEALED makes all others obsolete.

When a reel keeps spinning forever with nearly zero friction and without any special maintenance, you can say this is innovative technology. "MAGSEALED" is not only for top anglers looking for professional; rather it's a technology that benefits anyone who desires the longevity and smooth performance of a brand new reel. This is not just an improvement but true innovation. This is what MAGSEALED is all about. By using this technology and space engineering, Daiwa has perfected the reel's water resistance and durability by blocking even the most micro level of impurities.

"Makes all others obsolete."

Development of MAGSEALED

Development of "MAGSEALED"

All mechanical products are destined to lose their performance as time passes. Daiwa's solution to this problem is "MAGSEALED". "MAGSEALED" blocks water and prevents degradation and performance fatigue caused by saltwater and dust that may enter the main reel mechanism, preserving a light and smooth rotation for optimal performance. Every angler's dream come true.


What is "MAGSEALED"?

MAGSEALED is a technology that implements a special liquid material developed by space engineering called "MAGOIL". "MAGOIL" is used to create a water and dust-resistant barrier. Unlike normal oils MAGOIL can be solidified using a magnetic force, creating a practical solution to permanently seal a device from water.


Effect of "MAGSEALED"

Unlike rubber seals MAGOIL is a liquid that will not affect the rotation performance even when applied around rotating parts. This is an innovative water resistance method that maintains rotation performance. The development team's main focus was the gearing inside the reel body and the bearing, which are two key components to protect if overall performance is to be preserved.

MAGSEALED Ball Bearing

"MAGSEALED" Ball Bearing

The key part that impacts the rotation performance is the ball bearing. Creating a perfectly water-resistant ball bearing has been thought of for a long time, but making this a reality has been very difficult. Even with rust and corrosion resistance, salt residue remains. Our solution was to apply MAGSEALED technology to the ball bearing. After countless developmental product tests the final results have been promising; even after extreme stress testing the ball bearing rotated as smoothly as its pre-test diagnostics.

Future of REELS

Future of REELS

The development of MAGSEALED set a new standard for fishing reels. What people used to think about when choosing a reel completely changed when Daiwa introduced this industry breaking technology. The smoothness of the rotation, high tech aesthetics, and the price seen at the store, will no longer be running through the minds of the potential customer. Value will not only be determined by the results, but also after 5 to 10 years of smooth durable performance.