Lake Conroe, Houston, TX March 24 ~ 26, 2017

Brent Ehrler caught 9lb-12oz BIGGEST BASS in BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2017.
He was at the third place as the result.

Official Practice

2017 BASSMASTER CLASSIC was held in Houston, with fishing on Lake Conroe. Six pro anglers supported by DAIWA participated in the CLASSIC. The weather was mild compare to recent few years. Anglers showed cheerful smiles at the official practice on the 22nd, however, the temperature was changing differently from average year and it influenced strangely the mood there.

Media Day

The media from around the world gathered on Media Day because the CLASSIC is one of the biggest Bass fishing event in the world. Six of pro anglers supported by DAIWA who had participated in the CLASSIC before took part in: Randy Howell and Takahiro Omori,who have ever won the prize of championship, Brent Ehrler who took part last year and showed his experienced skill, Ish Monroe, Andy Montgomery, and Brett Hite. Each one of them were continuously interviewed by the media. The battle would begin the next day.

The First Day

The hero of the day was Brent Ehrler who got first place, having a lead 2lb-1oz to the second place. Brent caught 9lb-12oz BIG BASS moreover and Lake Conroe was filled with excitement. Other 5 DAIWA anglers didn’t go well, however, anyone can jump up with a certain point so that each one never loses the motivation. How to find the timing and point, or to cut out? That made the difference in the match.

The Second Day

It’s the result of the second day that judges if the angler can remain on the final day at the CLASSIC. So important is the second day. The hero was also Brent Ehrler. He got first place, having a lead 2lb-3oz. About BIG BASS, no angler could break the record of Brent’s on the first day. He was aware of getting closer to the victory. According to his comment for the final day, his will for the victory was clearly represented. He was ready for the final day to catch the victory on the dream stage.

The Final Day

Brent would never forget about the day. Actually, he was at the third place as the result. Jordan Lee jumped up straight away to the top on the final day. The final day match represented the difficulty of this year’s CLASSIC. It’s not difficult to imagine Brent’s chagrin. Still, his result was better than last year. No one could catch bigger one than his BIG BASS and the fact proved his skill and the potential of DAIWA tackles. Past records and skills of six of DAIWA anglers certify any one of them can win the victory. Let’s see the result of the CLASSIC next year.

Lake Conroe, Houston, TX