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Wise Masau spoons are high quality lures, which are originally developed in Japan as its name suggests Masau fishing for salmonoids. Since then, Daiwa test fishermen have been testing the lure all over the world.

Masau movement is extremely mobile and available in 12, 17 and 21 gram. Lighter models are excellent for for sea trout and heavier models for fishing for trout and salmon in faster waters.

We work with the stunning colors that complement the lures dramatic, realistic 3D eyes and fine detail on the reverse side. In addition, the lures are equipped with a strong, extremely sharp single hook that ensures the catch in all situations. Wise Masau – highly recommended!
WMS-12BY 12g Blue Yamame 10,90€
WMS-12BSC 12g BS Chartreuse 10,90€
WMS-12AGB 12g Abalone Gold Black 10,90€
WMS-12AGR 12g Abalone Gold Red 10,90€
WMS-12AY 12g Abalone Yamame 10,90€
WMS-12AYY 12g Abalone Yellow Yamame 10,90€
WMS-17BY 17g Blue Yamame 11,50€
WMS-17BSC 17g BS Chartreuse 11,50€
WMS-17AGB 17g Abalone Gold Black 11,50€
WMS-17AGR 17g Abalone Gold Red 11,50€
WMS-17AY 17g Abalone Yamame 11,50€
WMS-17AYY 17g Abalone Yellow Yamame 11,50€
WMS-22BY 22g Blue Yamame 11,90€
WMS-22BSC 22g BS Chartreuse 11,90€
WMS-22AGB 22g Abalone Gold Black 11,90€
WMS-22AGR 22g Abalone Gold Red 11,90€
WMS-22AY 22g Abalone Yamame 11,90€
WMS-22AYY 22g Abalone Yellow Yamame 11,90€