Clermont Ferrand Show Report

New Certate's were introduced in France for the first time globally.
One of the biggest fishing exhibitions, in France, was held in Clermont Ferrand, from 15th January until 17th January 2016. And Daiwa had presented the new Certate in this fishing show.

This Clermont Ferrand show is very important show in France, which most of major brands are exhibiting their new products to the end-consumers. As it is the very first timing to see new products for end-consumers, expected visitors are as much as 18,000 people during three days.
In Europe, this show is the earliest show and this show is under strong attention not only for the end-consumers but also for the fishing industry professionals.

In this show, we proudly presented the new Certate. For end-consumer worldwide, it was the earliest chance to touch the new Certate, prior to Japanese market.
As a global flagship product, Certate had been sold in Europe since 2004, the same timing as Japanese market. Since then this high quality reel had gained the reputation and adored by serous anglers, in Europe. The latest version of this well-known Certate was presented in this Clermont Ferrand show.

In France, its rich environment offers variety of fishing. It ranges from trout fishing which requires the smallest size of Certate to the big game boat fishing. For Certate, the important target fish are Trout, Pike, Zander, Perch, Black Bass, Squid, Seabass, Bonito, small Tuna, and so on. Many fishing categories require stronger winding power and Certate offers one of the best solutions for French anglers.

In this show, French angling enthusiasts were looking, touching, and turning the new Certate. These experiences supported their recognition of high-quality rotation and solid winding feeling. Rotation smoothness, lighter rotation with the improved rotor construction, rigid feeling of HD models from the brand new monocoque body construction. To experience these characteristics was possible only by actually touching the products.

As this Clermont Ferrand show had the global premier of new Certate, We admire how lucky French anglers are. And we, all Daiwa staff, hope that this new Certate helps not only French anglers but anglers worldwide to realize their better fishing experiences.