Safety Precautions

Before use of this product, read through the Warning List and WEB Instruction Manual carefully for correct use.
Be sure to follow these "Safety Precautions" to prevent accidents such as electric shock, fire, or injury.
We are not liable for any damage caused by fire, earthquake, acts by a third party, other accidents, intentional or negligent acts or misuse by the customer, or other damages under abnormal conditions.
We are not liable for any accidents caused by use of this product for anything other than its intended purpose.
Warnings are given where improper handling could result in a potential hazard of severe injury, serious disabilities, or death to the user.
Cautions are given where improper handling could result in a potential hazard of severe injury or serious disabilities to the user or just property damage only. However, please note that there could be serious consequences in some cases if even the instructions listed in CAUTION are not observed. Be sure to observe these important safety instructions described in the Warning List and the WEB Instruction Manual.

Power source

How to connect the power source

1. Attach the cord clips to the battery.Red covered clip is the plus(+), and the black covered clip is the minus(-).
2. Insert the connector into the reel. After this,the display appears as below.
By taking the appropriate steps, the indication will change as shown below and the data will be set.
*1: Pay attention to the correct polarity. If the power cord is connected in reverse polarity(+/-), it will not conduct electricity and may also cause damage to the battery, the main unit, and the cord.
* Do not connect the power supply while your hands are wet with freshwater or seawater. Attempting to do so may result in electric shock. If you connect it during rain, wear rubber gloves before connecting it.
Do not connect the power supply with wet hands with pure water or seawater as it may result in receiving electric shock. When the weather is rainy, wear rubber gloves when making connections.
*2: If it is connected incorrectly, it will not conduct electricity. Incorrect connection may cause short circuit, resulting in the power cord being broken. * Do not place combustibles or inflammables near the power supply, the reel, or this product. It may cause fire.
When changing batteries, the display’s back up memory stays active for about 15 minutes after the old battery is disconnected. Thus the above display startup sequence does not need to replay when the new battery is connected within the 15 minute time frame.

About the power source

This reel is designed to be compatible with direct current DC 12 to 16.8 V. You may not use any power sources other than those specified to this reel (for example, AC100V from a household power supply and DC24V equipped on a boat).
The power source voltage on a boat tends to lose stability as it is largely influenced by a generator on board and wiring which may trigger the protective circuit causing sudden stop or intermittent operation of the reel. To maximize the reel performance, be sure to use the electric reel specific batteries.
1. We will not warrant any malfunctions or damages caused by the battery.
* Daiwa does not recommend to use any batteries of which product standards or safety standard Daiwa is not involved in and are labelled as compatible with Daiwa electric reels. Daiwa will not be liable for any accidents and damages caused by use of these batteries with Daiwa products. If you dare to use them, the use is at your own risk. Particularly, pay attention to the use of lithium batteries, which are likely to cause serious accidents.
2. Use of the power supply of your boat may cause damage to the supply system of the boat.
* If you use the power supply of the boat, do not use up all the power capacity while the engine is turned off.
* If the power supply is run out, the engine will not start and you will be lost in the sea.
3. This reel is driven by DC 12V to 16.8V.
* Only the model "Marine Power 3000" is driven by 24V. Connecting it to a power supply with a voltage higher than 24 V or connecting to household power supply will damage the electronic circuit of the electric reel, resulting in the motor getting out of control. Incorrect connection may result in smoke or fire. Be sure to check the power supply environment and the specifications.
1. Do not use any power supply other than the specified ones.
As for the power source, we recommend the use of DEEPCYCLE battery is waterproof secured for marine use.
Only the specified lithium power supply (in the country where it is sold) can be used for the reel.
* Please contact your nearest DAIWA dealer.
2. Connecting the unit directly to a household or marine power source may cause damage.
3. Recharge the battery before your fishing trip. Over time, a battery can naturally discharge.
4. Confirm the boat can provide the proper power source (i.e. voltage, connector shape etc). -Corroded connections can prevent the flow of electric current. Remove any corrosion or dirt from the connectors.
5. Use a battery of the correct voltage output. Winding up with a high load while the voltage is low may damage electronic components.

Battery level indicator

When the battery voltage is lowered while powered ON, the battery level indicator becomes as shown below.
When the voltage goes down to 10V or less, the winding power of the reel is restricted and the maximum performance cannot be gained.
If this indicator is blinking while the motor is not running, battery voltage may be low due to decreasing of the residual capacity of the battery. If it is blinking, replace the battery with a recharged one (If you use the on-board power supply, check the voltage and the terminal of your boat).
* There may be a slight difference between the reel detection voltage and the actual voltage of the power supply.
* When the battery runs out and the counter display goes out, be sure not to operate your electric reel manually to wind the line and be sure to replace the battery with a recharged one before doing any operations (relating to fishing). Any manual operation in such condition may cause the water depth counter to go out of order, resulting in the tip of fishing rod being broken due to accidentally winding up all the line when you restart an electrical winding later with a replaced battery.
* The indicator LED lights up green while the source voltage is 10 V or more. When the voltage gets below 10 V, it will blink red.
-When a low battery indication appears, replace the battery with a fully charged one, as operation with low battery may cause problems with electric winding and or IC functions, etc.


About maintenance

This is a washable reel. Wash away salt residue and grit after fishing.

Maintenance procedure

1. Wash the reel with a dish washing detergent and a soft sponge. Do not use solvents.
* Do not use soap or other detergents. Other soaps or solutions may damage the reel both externally and internally.
* Recommended quantity: 1.5 ml per liter of water.
The solution may damage the outside coating of the reel and may breakdown the grease inside of the reel creating an overflow of grease.
2. Rinse detergent and dirt away with running water, rinsing the spool very well to get rid of salt. Use warm water, under 30 degrees centigrade.
3. Dry the reel well.
* Loosen the drag when stored.
* Be sure to remove water from inside the handle knob,
because water could build up there.
4. Feed oil.
  Spray oil on the worm shaft.
* Recommended grease: Genuine reel guard grease
(product code: 2380027)
Get the specific spray from a fishing-tackle store.
1. Do not wash with seawater or soak in water.
2. Do not use organic solvents such as benzene and thinner.
3. Do not use a steel brush or abrasive cleanser.
4. The fed oil may spring back and squirt. Do not peer down the worm shaft part.
5. Do not feed oil to water discharge hole.
6. Do not put magnetic force closer to the product main body.

Handling and maintenance of the power cord

Follow the restrictions below to avoid troubles caused by disconnection of power cord and the like.
Be sure to use the specific power cord supplied with the reel unit.
* Note that the unit is not compatible with any other power cord.
* Do not modify the power cord. It may cause an unintended failure. Be sure to keep the power cord intact.

Maintenance of the power cord

- Wipe the power cord with a wet cloth and dry it well.
- Pay special attention to drying the tips, with cover removed.
- Grease the connector after it is dried.
* Recommended grease: SLPW connector grease 501 (Product code: 4 386502) The dedicated grease is available at fishing tackle shops.
- Disconnect the power cord from the reel before storing.

Other maintenance points

- This reel is a precision instrument that employs electric circuity and motor.
Do not disassemble the reel by yourself.
- Cover the power connector on the reel with its protection cap.
- An old cord may cause breakage, short-circuit, or trouble. We recommend to replace the cord every two years or every 60 times of use, in order to maintain the performance of the reel.
Before use of the electric reel, read through and fully understand the instructions given above. Click Agree only if you fully agree it.