The winners of the EFTTEX 2016 Awards

Best New Rod

Daiwa Prorex XR

Best New Multiplier Reel

Daiwa Prorex 100/200

Best New Soft Lure

Daiwa Prorex Live Trout Swimbait DF


Do you want to catch monster size predator? If your answer is Yes, then the PROREX brand is providing you the best solution. Targeting the predator fish (pike, zander and perch), we will produce a big range of lure fishing related products, reels, rods and terminal tackle including lures.


PROREX is a brand for anglers who search his monster fish. The attitude should be PROactive to seek your monster, and PROgressive action is always needed. And the targeted fish is going to be naturally king size fish (The word for king is REX). Here the brand name of PROREX is made with combining these meanings.


Imagine you are searching for monster in the wild water. The monster is searching for their game with the eyes glittering dark. His eye has very sharp vision in the middle. This image is represented with the logo.


To reach monster fish and conquer them, angler has to place himself in the middle of wilderness. For some, this procedure is more important than the target’ s size itself. The predator fishing experience includes all these mentality, to make itself more satisfactory. To represent this, we have made the branding catch copy of “Seek Your Monster” with PROREX.