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Saltwater Conventional Reels

Choose the Daiwa Saltwater Conventional Series you want and you will jump to the proper download page.

Note: Prefix's are shown in case all you have is a model number to go by.

SALD    Saltiga® 2-Speed Lever Drag 
STTLD    Saltist® 2-Speed Lever Drag 
SALD    Saltiga® Hyper Speed Lever Drag 
STTLD    Saltist® Hyper Speed Lever Drag 
STTLD    Saltist® Single Speed Lever Drag Single Speed Conventional Reels 
STTBG    Saltist® Black Gold Star Drag  
SG    Seagate™ Star Drag 
SGTLW    Seagate® Levelwind Reels  
STTLW    Saltistâ„¢ Levelwind Reels  
SL    Sealine® SL-H 
SLW    Sealine® SLW Levelwind Reels 
STTLW    Saltist® H-C Levelwind Casting Reel  
STTLW    Saltist® Levelwind Line Counter 
TD LUNA    Team Daiwa® Luna™