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Freshwater Rods

Choose the rods you want and you will jump to the proper download page.

Note: Prefix's are shown in case all you have is a model number to go by.

EXE    Exceler® EXE Rods 
TAT    Tatula™ Bass Rods 
LEXA    LEXA™ Rods 
DXT    DXT Trolling Rods 
CFE    Crossfire™ CFE Rods 
DXM    Daiwa DXM Muskie Rods 
DXS    Daiwa DXS Salmon & Steelhead 
DXW    Daiwa DXW Walleye Rods 
PSO    Presso Ultralight Spinning Rods 
STZ    Steez™ Bass Rods  
LAG    Laguna® Rods 
ADD    AccuDepth® Specialty Trolling Rods 
CEL    Cielo® Bass Rods 
ALS    AccuLite™ Specialty Rods 
AIRD    Aird Rods 
PRCN    Procyon® Rods 
AQF    Algonquin™-A Fly Rods 
BLS    Ballistic® Bass Rods 
DJ    Daiwa® J Rods 
HLD    Heartland®-HLD Specialty Rods 
SMC    Spinmatic®-C Ultralight Rods 
SMT    Spinmatic® Tuflite™ Spinning Rods 
TDT    Team Daiwa® T 
TD-X    Team Daiwa® -X Drop Shot/Finesse Rods 
SWC    Sweepfire® Rods 
TDZL    Team Daiwa® Zillion™ Rods 
TFE    Triforce®-E Rods 
WLDR    Wilderness Trolling Rods 
WLSS    Wilderness Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Rod