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Baitcasting Reels

Choose the Daiwa Baitcasting Series you want and you will jump to the proper download page.

Note: Prefix's are shown in case all you have is a model number to go by.

TAT    TATULA™ Baitcasting Reels 
EXE    Exceler® EXE Baitcasting Reels 
LEXA    LEXA™ High Capacity Baitcasting Reels 
  Z Series Baitcasters 
STEEZEX    Steez® EX Baitcasting Reels 
T3    T3 Baitcasting Reels 
T3BL    T3 Ballistic® Baitcasting Reels 
PX    PX Type-R Baitcasting Reels 
TDZLN    TD Zillion™ Type R 
AG    Aggrest™ 7.3 Hyper Speed 
CL    Coastal Inshore™ 
EXC    Exceler® 7.1 Ultra High Speed  
EXC    Exceler® Reels 
LAG    Laguna® Baitcasting Reels 
AIRD    Aird Baitcasting Reels 
M-S    Millionaire® -S 
MF    Megaforce® THS With Twitchin’ Bar® 
M7HTMAG    Millionaire® M7HTMAG Surf Reel 
M7HTMAG    Millionaire® M7HTMAGST Surf Reel 
M-C    Millionaire® Classic Series  
ZLNCL    TD Zillion™ Coastal 7.3  
TD LUNA    TD Luna™ 
TDPLUTON    Team Daiwa Pluton 
TDZLN    TD Zillion™ 
TDZLN    TD Zillion™ High Power Reels