BASSMASTER CLASSIC was held at Grand Lake in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA for 3 days from March 4th through 6th in 2016.

BASSMASTER CLASSIC is the glorious pinnacle of bass-fishing contest in the USA, where the cream of the crop anglers engage in fierce competition after winning entry qualifications throughout the one-year tournament. A large number of spectators come flocking from all over the country to watch the competition among the best professional anglers.
The highlight of the contest is the Weigh-in to weigh the catch of the day. It is a big event taking place at BOK Center in downtown Tulsa. The audience filling the venue swings between hope and despair according to the ranking of their favorite players.

In the EXPO venue adjacent to the BOK Center, a lot of companies exhibit their latest tackle. Many professional anglers also come to the venue to make a presentation at their sponsoring company's booths. DAIWA's booth received the elite professionals of B.A.S.S such as Ish Monroe, Andy Montgomer, Seth Feider as well as Cody Meyer, a topflight professional of FLW.

At the DAIWA booth, TALULA equipped with TWS was the center of attention. Many visitors came to see the actual product for themselves since topflight professionals approve of the efficiency of TWS. TATULA CT and TATULA CT TYPE-R, which follow the STEEZ・ZILLION model and are scheduled for release in the USA, drew special attention because of their high performance. These products performed so well that some professionals actually used them in the contest. TWS can increase the flying distance and reduce the backlash. This is the very technology from DAIWA that solves many anglers’ problems. No wonder the bass-fishing fans of the USA paid a lot of attention to TWA. As for backlash, the combined use of an SV spool mounted on STEEZ is supposed to enhance the performance further. Many visitors saw the model and were highly interested. Quite a few bass-fishing rods such as STEEZ, ZILLION, CRONOS were also displayed and caught the eye of visitors.

The 2016 season began immediately after this 3-day event was over. Who will take part in the next BASSMASTER CLASSIC? What kind of items will be used and exhibited there? The preparation for the next BASSMASTER CLASSIC has already started. Another intriguing year has just begun.