More Fun With Less Work

Unlike the hydraulic winches used by commercial fishermen, Dendoh Power Assist reels offer the sportsman a manual winding option plus a smooth lever or star drag to fight the fish on the handle.

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Important, this link contains important information regarding Battery Hookup, Inverse Counter use and advanced features like setting a Jigging-type retrieve or programming line diameter and length for maximum.

Easy To Use Interface

Lower your rig to the water’s surface, press the reset button to zero out the display and you’re ready to start fishing. The reel automatically measures the line that’s let out. Flip the Power Lever to rewind, the reel will automatically stop as your rig reaches the surface.

Kite Fishing On The Troll

Trolling live or dead baits while using a kite can be extremely effective in attracting strikes from sailfish, tuna, dolphinfish and any other blue-water game fish prone to crashing a bait at the surface. When kite fishing while trolling, it is crucial to motor into the wind to keep the kite from stalling.

For maximum surface coverage, many anglers position two kites out of the outriggers and then arrange a full spread of flat lines, as well.

Kite Fishing Adrift

Drifting is the most popular approach to kite fishing, punctuated by exciting surface strikes from aggressive game fish. Again, using two kites (weighted to fly to the left and right), with multiple baits off each kite line, helps to achieve maximum surface coverage. (In fact, flat lines used on the upwind side of the boat provide even more coverage.)

Using a sea anchor(s) to slow the boat’s drift can help the kite fly better.