Team Daiwa® Fuego®-A Spinning Reels

Advanced, smooth and reliable, TD Fuego®-A spinning reels are designed to provide a higher level of overall performance. They’re also exceptionally light thanks to Daiwa’s exclusive “Zaion” construction. While this new super-carbon material feels as light as Magnesium, it offers unparalleled strength and corrosion resistance. Up to seven ball bearings, including corrosion-resistant CRBB bearings, plus a super-smooth waterproof drag, ensure unmatched smoothness and reliability in both freshwater and saltwater. Matches perfectly with Team Daiwa Fuego Rods.

Team Daiwa® Fuego®-A Spinning Reels  Feature:

  • Lightweight yet super strong “Zaion” body, rotor and sideplate construction
  • Up to seven ball bearings (including four CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings) plus roller bearing
  • Advanced Locomotive Levelwind
  • ABS machined aluminum spool
  • Free aluminum spare spool

TD Fuego2500A

Digital gear design ensures a perfect mesh.

Washable Design
Sealed Drag System allows washing of the reel without forcing moisture, salt or debris inside.

Free Spare Aluminum Spool

Gear Ratio
Line Per
Handle Turn
Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)
 TD FUEGO1000A UL / - 4CRBB, 2BB, 1RB  4.7: 1 23.0′ 7.0 2/240, 4/120, 6/80 4.4 
 TD FUEGO1500A L / UL 4CRBB, 3BB, 1RB 4.8: 1 24.0′ 7.0 4/155, 6/100, 8/80 8.8 
 TD FUEGO2000A ML / L 4CRBB, 3BB, 1RB 4.8: 1 25.0′ 7.0 6/135, 8/110, 10/90 8.8 
 TD FUEGO2500A M / ML 4CRBB, 3BB, 1RB 4.8: 1 28.0′ 8.0 6/210, 8/170, 10/140 15.4 
 TD FUEGO3000A M / ML 4CRBB, 3BB, 1RB 4.8: 1 31.0′ 9.2 8/240, 10/200, 12/170 15.4 
CRBB = Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing, BB = Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, RB Roller Bearing
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