STEEZ Flourocarbon Line

Finally, a green colored, super soft, super strong 100% Fluorocarbon line with the flexibility and castability of regular monofilament. Formulated exclusively for Steez spinning and casting reels, it is highly resistant to abrasion and offers a faster sink rate than monofilament. Parallel winding on the filler spool prevents dents and inconsistency in roundness that can reduce casting efficiency.

Model Number Type lb. Test Length Color
SZ-F5LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 5 125 yards Green
SZ-F6LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 6 125 yards Green
SZ-F8LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 8 125 yards Green
SZ-F10LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 10 125 yards Green
SZ-F12LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 12 125 yards Green
SZ-F16LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 16 125 yards Green
SZ-F20LB125Y 100% Fluorocarbon 20 125 yards Green