Saltiga Boat Braided Line

Designed for deep drop fishing with Dendoh Style power assist reels, eight woven braids make it super-strong, yet one of the finest diameter braids available, less affected by currents for a straighter, more accurate drop. Its smooth surface means less friction and noise from guides on the retrieve. Color changes every ten meters, with five and one meter indicators, shows depth and line movement. Coded for quick programming into Dendoh reel memory for maximum readout accuracy.

The Dendoh Advantage

Join the revolutionary new approach to saltwater fishing. Saltiga Boat Braided Line matches perfectly with Dendoh Style Rods and compact, convenient, and manual option Power Assist Reels.

Saltiga Boat "Just Fit Packs" For Dendoh Reels

"Just Fit Packs" perfectly fill your Dendoh power assist reel (except MP3000). Entering the line's "Dendoh Code" into memory automatically registers line diameter and length for maximum readout accuracy.

Color changes every ten meters.

Model Number lb. Test Length Color Dendoh
SAB-B40LB 40 1800m 5 c PE-3
SAB-B55LB 55 1800m 5 c PE-4
SAB-B70LB 70 1800m 5 c PE-5
SAB-B80LB 80 1800m 5 c PE-6
SAB-B100LB 100 1800m 5 c PE-8
SAB-B120LB 120 1800m 5 c PE-10
SAB-B150LB 150 1800m 5 c PE-12