Saltiga Boat Braided Line For Dendoh Style Fishing

Click HERE to find out more about Dendoh Style fishing with Power Assist Reels.

Matches perfectly with Saltiga®-G Dendoh Style Deep Drop Rods. and Kite Rods.

Model Number lb. Test Length Color Dendoh
SAB-B40LB 40 1800m 5 c PE-3
SAB-B55LB 55 1800m 5 c PE-4
SAB-B70LB 70 1800m 5 c PE-5
SAB-B80LB 80 1800m 5 c PE-6
SAB-B100LB 100 1800m 5 c PE-8
SAB-B120LB 120 1800m 5 c PE-10
SAB-B150LB 150 1800m 5 c PE-12