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Spinning Reels

Choose the Daiwa Spinning Series you want and you will jump to the proper download page.

Note: Prefix's are shown in case all you have is a model number to go by.

SF    Strikeforce®-B Spinning Reels 
ISLA    ISLA Saltwater Series 
STEEZ    Steez® EX Spinning Reels  
LEXA    Lexa® Spinning Reels 
LAG    Laguna®-5Bi Spinning 
CF    Crossfire-3Bi 
D-SPIN    D-Spin Ultralight Spinning Reels 
SATG    Saltiga Dogfight 
OPP    Opus® Plus Bite N’ Run 
OP    Opus® Bite N’ Run  
CT    Certate®-HA Mag Sealed Spinning 
SATG    Saltiga® Spinning 
LEG    Legalis™ Spinning Reels 
PRCN    Procyon® Spinning 
AIRD    Aird Spinning Reels 
BLS    Ballistic® Spinning 
EMS    Emblem® Shot 
SW    Sweepfire®-2B 
BG    Black Gold (BG) Series  
DF    DF100A Giant 
EMP    Emblem® Pro-A 
ECP    Emcast® Plus 
ECS    Emcast™ Sport 
EXC    Exceler®-HA 
EXC    Exceler® Heavy Action 
OPB    Opus® Bull 
OP    Opus™ 
RG    Regal® Bri  
SASURF    Saltiga Surf  
STT    Saltist® Spinning 
SS    SS Tournament® 
STEEZ    Steez™ Spinning Reels  
SW    Sweepfire®-RA