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Saltwater Rods

Choose the rods you want and you will jump to the proper download page.

Note: Prefix's are shown in case all you have is a model number to go by.

SAG    Saltiga® G Boat Travel Rods  
DXI    DXI Inshore Rods  
SAG    Saltiga® G Boat Rods 
SAG    Saltiga® G Deep Drop Rods 
SAG    Saltiga® G Kite Rod 
ELB    Eliminator® Boat Rods 
CLCC    Coastal Specialty Rods 
SA-B    Saltiga Boat Dendoh™ Style Rods  
SA-CD    Saltiga® Inshore Rods 
SLB/SLQ    SealineĀ® Saltwater Boat Rods 
STJ    Saltist® Jigging Rods 
ST    SaltistĀ® Boat Rods  
VIP    V.I.P® Conventional Rods 
BFBT    BeefstickĀ® BT Boat Rods